Obnoxiously Obsessive

I love alliteration, don’t you?

So. In my quest to find meaning and purpose in my new daily life as a homemaker, I seem to have become a tad obsessive about keeping the house clean. And not in the way you may be imagining. If you are picturing me in my sweatpants, scrubbing and swishing surfaces (more alliteration, hehe) every spare minute of the day, you would be off the mark. But probably only slightly. Probably.

I clean up after myself (9 times out of 10, I would say). I wash my face on a very consistent basis. I remind the kids continually to put their toys and dirty clothes away before moving on to the next activity. I keep my flowers watered daily. I fold our clothes and put them away. I wipe down the table and counters. But here’s the kicker: I cannot comfortably go to bed at night if there are dirty dishes in the sink. Sometimes I try, but I usually end up getting back out of bed to get it done. I even wash the coffee pot so I can refill it and set the timer to brew the next morning (this small task is crucial to my morning mood).

I recently downloaded an app on my Kindle – Motivated Moms – that creates a daily to-do list. You can customize it as needed (as far as the free version will allow), but I have found that the list provided is pretty useful for me. It even reminds me to read Scripture each day, which I was doing anyway, but it’s nice to be able to check the box 🙂 There are other items on there I don’t usually track, like changing out the hand towels, or cleaning out my purse. I think the daily bathroom sink wiping is the best one. Super easy, and very motivating. I hadn’t really realized how yucky it gets with all four of us spitting into it each day. It always feels better to have it cleaned, and I’m using up the baby wipes we still had leftover from when Natalie was in diapers (years ago!).

There are other tasks that are not daily, but yet still should be done on a regular basis, like dusting, cleaning windows, and mopping. Those first two rarely cross my mind, but mopping I do almost weekly. And this is where the obsession takes on a whole new level. I hate sweeping and mopping. Two reasons: The first being that it hurts my back and exhausts me. The second reason is that I am completely disgusted by our brooms. They are filthy. I know I am not alone here. If you have a standard broom and dustpan, yours is filthy too. Unless you clean it, which I highly doubt.

I can deal with the back pain and exhaustion, but the filth needs to be dealt with. I recently learned about the magic of microfiber at a Norwex home party. This stuff is incredibly effective, easy to use, easy to clean, and horribly expensive. I will likely buy something small from the catalog, but I can’t bear to spring $100 on the mop system I was drooling over. So, in my quest for domestic perfection, efficiency, and frugality, I did some research. I found e-cloth, which is pretty darn identical in almost all aspects. The biggest difference is that it is almost half the cost. I’ll buy that. As soon as the next payday rolls around.

So now we wait. Using up the last of the disposable Swiffer mop pads in the meantime. Ugh. It’s almost all I can think about lately. It’s pathetic, really. I say obnoxiously obsessive, but I fear it’s becoming the other way around. Obsessively obnoxious. Oh, oh, okay, but the floors will be so clean and shiny! (See what I did there? 😉 )

Either I am going nuts, or… nah, I got nuthin’. Nuts it is!

2 thoughts on “Obnoxiously Obsessive”

  1. And now that I spent 5 days with you, I can’t go to bed without the kitchen cleaned up and I have poured out the old coffee and coffee grounds (didn’t go as far as refilling the coffeemaker, though). Stop converting me to your ways by your insidiousness. Is that a word?

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