Be brave

A friend told me once that boys really do a lot of changing around the age of 7, as they start wanting to emulate their dads and other male role models.

I see this in my son. He is just now showing a bit of discomfort with being the “small” kid, but I think he is handling it well. The other night he wanted to read to me from his old preschooler’s Bible. In particular, he wanted to read about the guy who fought a lion with his bare hands, and the kid who fought the giant. So I found the stories of Samson and the lion, and David and Goliath, and he read them eagerly. I asked what his favorite part was about each story, and for both he said his favorite was that they were brave. He really connected with Samson and David, knowing that they were each small in comparison to their opponents, but that it didn’t matter. They were brave and God was with them. Just like God is with him.

I do hope that he carries these stories, and others like them, with them as he grows up. I know what it was like to be the smallest kid, the last one picked for dodgeball. It sucked, and I still have remnants of that mindset. Those fears held me back well into my thirties. I don’t want that to be the case for my kids. I want them to know that God is with them, so they can walk into every situation life throws at them with bravery and confidence. Just like Samson and David.

One thought on “Be brave”

  1. Yes, Sellecks are a height-challenged people. Tell Luke about his great-uncle Mike, who wrestled at 103 pounds all through high school, and wrestled in the state finals his last 2 years. He also wrestled the lowest weight in college, and was MHSAA champ for 3 years running, and is in the Hall of Fame at Adrian College (so is Uncle Dave). He was also President of his class, and the list goes on. Luke has a big heart, and that matters most.

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