Grandma Deb

I had a heck of a week last week. All good. My mom was visiting from Oklahoma, and it was wonderful to spend time with her. On normal days we Skype, so it was refreshing to have real interaction. She came with me to my audiologist appointment, and then we went shopping and had lunch afterwards. That was Monday, when the kids are at daycare. We had the kids home the rest of the week, which changed everything. The kids had a great time with Grandma Deb, and she took them to Jumpin’ Jax (a local bounce-house playground type thing). She also got to see Luke play baseball, and we did some shopping for yarn so I can make afghans for the kids. She helped me sort through Natalie’s clothes for the items that no longer fit, and then took us to Goodwill to drop off a whole trunk load of stuff we no longer wanted.

So while we got a lot of work done around the house, we also had a lot of fun as well. We never did get to decluttering that damn hall closet. Oh well. I’ll get it handled eventually.

I have always been close with my mom, so it makes me happy to see the kids connecting with her so well. They each have a lot of her character in them, and it’s even more apparent to me when she’s around. Natalie has her artistic streak, loving drawing, coloring, and dancing; Luke has her creative problem solving abilities.

When we first planned this visit we expected that I would need more help, but I think we were both surprised at how well I was doing, especially with the kids. I was able to show Mom how well I can hear the kids now that I’m getting used to the cochlear implant, and also how well the kids were adjusting to it. I will always be making adjustments, but we’re headed in the right direction.

By the end of the week, I was pretty fatigued. Partly because of all the work we did, but partly because I was due for my monthly Tysabri infusion. It’s the medicine I take to manage and hopefully slow down the progression of multiple sclerosis. I noticed a few months back that I get more and more tired leading up to the next infusion. So, three weeks of fairly normal energy levels, and one week of rapidly progressing fatigue. It’s good that I can recognize this, so I’m not feeling hopelessly frustrated to be so doggone tired for no good reason. It’s unfortunate that Mom happened to be here on that fourth week of fatigue, but in a way I’m grateful, because she was happy to help and quick to recognize when I needed to rest. And, being my mother, she is not shy about telling me to take a nap when I need it.

All in all, it was a great week. Summer is flying by, and the kids will be back to school in no time. We plan to continue to enjoy every moment we are given, and thank God for all the blessings. Carpe diem!

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