Attitude of Gratitude

Don’t ask me how I’m doing.

Because I know you were about to, weren’t you?

Right at this moment I am good. I have my coffee and my yogurt (w/ granola and strawberries, of course). I am walking and healthy-ish, my kids are here with me. We have the whole day ahead of us. Natalie’s bedroom was destroyed while playing with her friends yesterday, so today’s challenge is getting her to help clean it up. Good luck, Momma.

[Let me pause right here and tell you about the coffee. A friend was visiting yesterday and she told me about someone who puts cinnamon in their coffee by putting it right in the grounds. What a fabulous idea! So I tried it this morning and it is simply divine. The flavor blends right in. Yummy!]

Today I read about Job, who was stripped of his wealth, lost his family and his health, and yet he still praised God. People thought his affliction was a result of his sins, but the Bible tells us that it was not. It just was. And his story has been both a comfort and a lesson to hurting people ever since.

I have often asked God why He allowed me to lose my hearing and eyesight, and I have yet to get a clear answer. I wonder if Job struggled with that same question, Why?. And if he did, how did he come to a place of peace? This is where I am. I don’t pretend to know why all this happened to me, but there are some things I do know, and that’s what I need to focus on.

What do I know? Well, for starters, I have been reunited with my children and my friends and countless others. While I am “stuck” at home I have the opportunity to build into my children’s lives, shape their character, learn who they are. Secondly, our “wealth” has been protected through all of this. And third, I still have sufficient eyesight to take care of myself and do most things to care for my family (like cooking, laundry, and cleaning). The bonus third is that I can still read books with my Kindle.

I have to thank God for these things and give Him ALL the praise, because tomorrow one or all may not be true. That’s not to sound pessimistic, but realistic. We know from hearing others’ stories that life can change in an instant. In the blink of an eye, it can all be gone. So you (yes you, reading this post) must recognize all that you have that is good and true and then praise the pants off the Lord for giving it to you. An attitude of gratitude starts with a simple thank you, but must be continually fed and pruned. Say thank you and mean it. Over and over and over again.

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