Somehow I went from having no worries about tomorrow, to worrying about today. Argh. Sometimes I drive myself crazy.

I really want to teach my kids good habits, like being polite and cleaning up after themselves. But in order to do that, I need to 1) Be consistent and 2) Remember I’m the one in charge. I think my son knows that I enjoy having him home and that I want to give him good things, and he sometimes uses that to his advantage. And my daughter is just young and strong-willed.

So tomorrow we are starting a new day, with a new resolve to be consistent with my expectations and remember that I have the final say. No snacking on junk unless we have eaten a good, healthy meal. No “screen” time until our latest mess is cleaned up. And maybe others, but we’ll start small so we can focus on making those things habit.

What do you think? Any suggestions? Do your kids struggle with manners or keeping their rooms and other play areas tidy? I am all ears, so if you have any tips or suggestions on this subject, please share!



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