Cochlear implant progression

We met with the audiologist again today. The Advanced Bionic rep was there again, which is extremely helpful. I think the audiologist is not as familiar with the AB brand as the Cochlear brand, so she often has a puzzled look on her face. Not so reassuring, but she’s learning. So today they made a lot more adjustments to the volumes for different types of sounds, and the clarity of speech. After today’s adjustments, I’m feeling a lot more confident in social settings already. And since we are heading to my family’s week-long reunion extravaganza tomorrow, the timing couldn’t be better. It will still be challenging, but not as challenging as it would have been.

Today the audiologist gave me the remote for my device, which is called the ComPilot. The ComPilot is used to adjust volume, change programs, and connect the earpiece to other electronics through Bluetooth technology. Yes, my earpiece is equipped with Bluetooth. Can you hear me now?? The answer is, not really. It connects, but it’s a choppy connection, so we have some work to do with that. But it’s not a crucial piece at this point. At this point, I have enough to do practicing understanding speech. One day at a time, dear, one day at a time.

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