Tripping down Memory Lane and stuff

Today marks the first official day of summer break, since both my kids are out of school. Of course, it’s Monday so they are at daycare, which makes it strange, but nice. We decided to only send them to daycare on Mondays, which still gives them play time with their friends, and gives me a much needed, uninterrupted start to the week. A planning day, if you will. My to-do list is pretty much the same as usual; water flowers, sweep floors, clean kitchen, clean bathrooms. I added ‘purge emails’ to the list because I have over 1000 emails stored and I think it’s the reason my phone keeps telling me my memory is full. And when that happens, no texts come in or go out, and it’s frustrating. So I am widdling away at it.

I have emails as far back as 2007, so it will take some time. I don’t know why they are all still there, I think a good portion of them are emails I sent that are now in gmail folders I had set up for automated categorizing (seemed like a good idea at the time). But I don’t lead an FPU class anymore, and I’m not preparing tax returns, so all of that can go. Most of it is junk. Amazon purchase confirmations from free apps I downloaded for the kids on my Kindle, stuff like that. Some of it I’ve found so far has been interesting to read, however. Notes of encouragement I sent to friends, sending thank you messages to people who helped me in one way or another. Notes to friends just to say hi because it had been too long. It’s interesting to read these words I wrote so long ago, because my recollection is that I was a terrible, neglectful friend, who was too busy with my own life to reach out to others. But these emails scattered over the years tell me that those recollections are not all true.

It’s funny how our memories fail us, don’t you think? I think it’s good to look back sometimes. I have forgotten so much, but stuff like those emails serve to remind me of the good that I forgot. I have a great husband and great friends who do the same for me. They’ll remind me of something that happened, or a prayer that had been answered, and it feels so refreshing when the memory comes flooding back. I thank God for those moments, for those people.

Do you have a good memory that you’ve recently been reminded of?


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