God shines

I’ve been reading a lot. I prayed for direction from God and He has stirred my heart to read and pray. Strangely, He hasn’t stirred my heart to clean much, but I do it anyway, bit by bit. I am doing much better, physically, but I still need to pay attention when my body tells me to rest. Thankfully my body is pretty clear about that message lately. Today is one of those days. I had plans to do lots of cleaning, but I am so fatigued, even after a good night’s rest and two cups of coffee. We’ll see, it’s still early in the day. Maybe a late morning snooze will help.

I wanted to share some encouragement I came across this morning. This is from the book “Waiting on God”, by Andrew Murray:

“What shall I think of a God that does not shine? No, God shines! God is light! I will take time, and just be still, and rest in the light of God. My eyes are feeble, and the windows are not clean, but I will wait on the Lord. The light does shine, the light will shine in me, and make me full of light. And I shall learn to walk all the day in the light and joy of God.”

May today be a day of joy and blessing!


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