Showing our ears

Showing our ears

Check this out! Lipreading Mom asked people to show her their ears, to promote awareness of the deaf and hard of hearing community. It’s sort of a way to encourage confidence and pride for those who wear hearing aids (and those who don’t!). I follow her blog, and I love her honesty. It was a struggle for her to be comfortable wearing hearing aids, but she is doing it and she is not ashamed! She is an inspiration to me as I begin wearing my right ear cochlear implant (in 25 days). And when that happens, I’ll be sending her another picture. For now, it’s just the incision. If you’re not squeamish, click the link, scroll down until you see the back of my head with my ear pulled back. That’s me, the bionic woman! 

It appears from her website that she is still accepting photos, so I would encourage you, especially if you are deaf or hard of hearing, to submit your photo. If anything, it would be a blessing to her!

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