Surgery! Tomorrow!

Tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I go under the knife. I am getting my first cochlear implant. Tomorrow! I have a strange nervousness hiding within me that I just can’t shake. I just keep praying for Calm, and it keeps coming. Thank you, Jesus! I am super excited about these implants. I have only been deaf for 9 months, but it has been a LONG 9 months. I dearly miss my family’s voices. And music. I miss music a great deal. So tomorrow is a big day. They won’t activate the device until mid-June, so there will still be some waiting. Waiting. The story of my life. Be still, Mindy. Cue Jeopardy music…

3 thoughts on “Surgery! Tomorrow!”

  1. You are in my prayers for successful CI surgery and a smooth recovery. May this be the start to an incredible journey for you. I pray that over time, future mappings of your sound processor, and experience with your CI that you will rediscover the beauty of the world of sound around you and hear and communicate with ease with your family and friends. You can do this. As you know I treasure my two cochlear implant ears and consider them huge blessings in my life. Here’s to lots of future CI joy!! Prayerfully and with double CI joy, Margo

    1. That same thought actually occurred to me right after I posted. And with Natalie, I went in knowing it would be surgery. But for this I won’t be awake, and won’t get to enjoy the gift until June!

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