Dinner Disaster

My natural abilities do not reside in the kitchen. My college degree in accounting. Therefore, I am fairly decent at following directions. And that is how I’ve been managing my new role as caretaker of the home and maker of the meals.

Tonight I took a risk. We had some frozen asparagus from I don’t know when, and some frozen salmon I had sampled and loved at Sam’s Club. My husband is a diabetic so I’m always trying to design meals with that in mind. Fish is a good protein, and asparagus is green. But when I read the directions for baking the salmon, I was disappointed to read “place skin side down”. Now I know, of all people, my husband and children are NOT going to want to deal with skins. And frankly, neither did I. But we must eat to live, so into the oven they went. And asparagus boiling on the stove (per the directions, of course).

Everything seems fine, but I’m nervous. The fam arrives home, and we sit down to eat. Everyone tried the food, and everyone ate most of the salmon. The asparagus was a different story. Natalie wouldn’t touch it, and for good reason. I had *murdered* the asparagus.

So we all scrounged for fillers. Mike with a pb&j, Natalie and applesauce, and me with some leftover pizza. Luke was apparently not very hungry. It was disappointing, but you can’t win ’em all, right? Tomorrow will be redemption day: Tacos!

One thought on “Dinner Disaster”

  1. My daughter introduced me to Ziploc Steamer Bags. You put your asparagus (or whatever) in the bag. Add any seasonings if you want them…garlic, small squirt of soy sauce, small squirt of lemon juice, whatever. Microwave for however long the bag tells you. Perfection, I tell you. Total perfection.

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